Choosing an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: March 24, 2016


When choosing an emergency dentist in Bridgeton, MO, look for someone who can treat both you and your children with same day emergency care. We understand that there is no way to tell when you will have tooth pain or damage, and that is why we offer emergency dentist walk-in appointment times. To make yours, call (314) 815-4774.

Emergency Dentist Care

We treat common problems, like severe tooth pain that can come from untreated tooth decay or an infection in the center of your tooth. In the first case, you should visit our 63044 office for an emergency dentist walk-in appointment. We can remove the decay and fill your cavity in one sitting so you can leave our office feeling better. If your tooth is actually infected, we may need to perform an emergency root canal in order to remove the infected portion of your tooth. After cleaning it, we can seal the hole with a rubber-like substance before capping your tooth. All of this is done after using anesthesia to numb the area and ensure patient comfort. At Maryland Heights Dental, we think of everything, so you can focus on remaining healthy.

Same Day Emergency Appointment for Dental Damage

At Maryland Heights Dental, we also treat patients who have a chipped or cracked tooth due to an accident. Whether you are playing baseball and happen to chip your tooth or bite into a caramel apple and crack it, we can provide you with the care you need to correct the damage without delay. Our priority is patient comfort, and that means treating patients right away instead of making them wait for an appointment to open up. One immediate restorative solution we offer is dental bonding. Placing tooth-colored bonding material onto your tooth and then shaping it is a way to fix the damage in one visit. Otherwise, we offer solutions like dental veneers and dental crowns. While these restorations are typically placed in two visits, we can get the process started immediately during your emergency dentist walk-in appointment.

Patient Comfort in Bridgeton, MO

When you visit our 63044 emergency dentist office for tooth pain or dental damage, our goal will be to keep you comfortable while treating and correcting the problem. This is done using anesthesia and sedation as necessary. By numbing the area of your tooth that has suffered damage, we can begin to treat it, with you feeling nothing more than slight pressure. With this in mind, there is no need to put off seeking treatment due to dental anxiety or phobia. Instead, we encourage you to come in immediately so we can prevent the damage or infection from spreading and causing further discomfort.

Schedule an Appointment

Since we offer emergency dentist walk-in appointment times, you do not necessarily need to schedule an appointment. However, if you would like to call (314) 815-4774, we can schedule a time for same day emergency care to treat your tooth pain or dental damage. At Maryland Heights Dental, we are making it easier than ever to receive dental care, so do not put off receiving the help you need.

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